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Buena Park is a neighborhood bounded by Montrose Avenue, Irving Park Road, Graceland Cemetery and Lake Shore Drive and was named for the brick Italiante mansion of James B. Waller. The core of the neighborhood is very suburban with driveways and spacious lots. It is in sharp contrast to the skyscrapers that populate the area around it. In 1860 Waller purchased 60 acres in the area and began construction of a home that he named "Buena."

Today,many people assume that Buena Park is a "new name" given to this part of Uptown by developers trying to give the area a better name (like those trying to call Humboldt Park "West Bucktown"). In reality Robert A. Waller developed Buena Park starting in 1887 by subdividing his property. The original Waller home is now the site of St. Mary of the Lake church (built in 1917). Buena Park pre-dates the remainder of Uptown by a number of years.

In the late 1800's, the area attracted other wealthy families who built large summer homes with lush gardens.  the Hutchinson Street Historic District has become Buena Park's most famous subdivision.  Built between 1894 and 1921, the architechtural sytles of these homes range from Queen Anne to Romanesque to Prairie School.  To preserve the open suburban design of the neighborhood, early developers created apartment buildings in keeping with the neighborhood's beauty.

In 1889 the City of Chicago annexed the City of Lake View, inclusive of teh area known as Buena Park.  By the turn of the century Buena Park was among the city's most fashionable residential areas.

The restoration of Buena Park began in 1983 when the City of Chicago officially recognized the neighborhood as a single community, separate from Uptown and Edgewater.  In 1984, Buena Park was listed onteh Naitonal Register of Historic Places.  Much of the housing in the neighborhood has undergone extensive renovation as Chicagoans rediscover the spacious, beautiful homes of Buena Park.

"The Delectable Ballad of the Waller Lot" by Chicago poet Eugene Field:

Up yonder in Buena Park There is a famous spot, In legend and in history (Known as) the Waller lot.