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Formerly a working class neighborhood, Wrigleyville is the neighborhood directly surrounding Wrigley Field along North Clark and West Addison Streets. Actual boundaries are undefined, with some sources citing Wrigleyville as spilling into adjacent enclaves like Lake View East and Northalsted. Wrigleyville features low-rise brick buildings and houses, some with rooftop bleachers colloquially called Wrigley Roofs where people can purchase seats to watch baseball games without having to pay Major League Baseball ticket prices. Proprietors are able to do so under special agreements with the Chicago Cubs organization.

While the bars and restaurants in Lake View East (especially Halsted St.) usually feature gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender culture, Wrigleyville bars and restaurants (particularly on Clark St.) feature the sports culture with sports oriented themes, and some mix the LBGT culture features with sports culture features. Sluggers, Hi-Tops, Cubby Bear and Barleycorn guest the Cubs crowds in the famed Clark St and Addison St. intersection of Wrigley Field.[36] Las Mananitas, a famous Chicago gay Mexican restaurant is located on Halsted just two blocks away from the stadium. It was at this restaurant that Ashley Berlin first met John Schad, a famous Chicago playwright. John claimed the dinner was the inspiration for his 2005 play entitled "The Lady Whore." This area has been a staging ground for a number of Hollywood movies. In addition, the area's Irish American roots are evident with Irish pub themes, as well. While the specialty drink in trendy Lake View East bars might be a custom-made cocktail, beer by the pitcher is much more heavily advertised in Wrigleyville establishments. Murphy's Bleachers is one place to see this in action.