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  Keller Wiliiams Luxury Home Real Estate Specialist

Robert Filler, Professor Emeritus, Illinois Institute of Technology

When we decided to sell our townhouse and move to the Breakers of Edgewater Beach, we sought advice in choosing an effective real estate agent. Maggie Finegan of Keller Wiliams came highly recommended. We have found Maggie to be an outstanding agent because she is well informed, imaginative, proactive, and realistic about the price to sell. Moreover, we especially appreciated her sensitivity to our needs. We commend Maggie Finegan to you in the highest terms. She is a winner.

Martha Damerell, Executive Recruiter

I am most impressed with Maggie's thorough knowledge of her target area.  Maggie's knowledge of financing, taxes, construction, finishes, etc., while expected, is so FAST and accurate with the calculations.  Most if not all of her clients become colleagues and friends.  Maggie's concern and interest in her clients is genuine, worrying more about her clients' happiness and not if a commission is going away.  Maggie's participation in neighborhood events and issues shows she is not just there to take something out of the community, but to improve it.  She gives her clients a very high level of attention and professionalism.

Suzanne Meyering

Maggie is a trusted agent and she also recognizes the value that other professionals bring, so she has assembled a cadre of people that her clients can trust.  She is persistent, tenacious, knowledgeable, and diplomatic.  Even in a slower market, she can access buyers and sellers.  Her extensive connections in the community will help to weather the ups and downs that other agents can't.  She has done a steady volume of business in a variety of markets and can advise her buyers and sellers on how to succeed.  She builds long-term relationships and is constantly expanding her pool of buyers and sellers.

Catherine Mallers, Edgewater

My experience working with Maggie Finegan has been wonderful.  There is no room for misunderstanding because her communication skills are excellent.  I've found that when dealing with Maggie she is fair, concise, informative, and wants to reach a win-win in every scenario.  Her ability to explain what is happening in the market is very clear and extremely knowledgeable not only about the market but the impact of the current trends on the market.  She is able to help people come to a realistic view especially when pricing their home so that they have realistic expectations.  She is very passionate about getting her buyers the home of their dreams and getting her sellers a fair price for their home.  She works to educate her clients as opposed to preach to them.  The amount of marketing she provides is far greater than any other Realtor I've met.  She is extremely well versed in Internet capabilities and utilizing those tools for selling your home.

Pamela Miller, Andersonville

I highly recommend Maggie Finegan as the best Real Estate Agent that anyone could ever have the great fortune to work with.  Her services during the process of selling my property were absolutely invaluable.  Maggie provided to me not only straight real estate agent services, but also assistance with the many other aspects of selling a property which would have completely overwhelmed me to accomplish myself.  Maggie also provided the empathy and encouragement which I desperately needed to get me through this very stressful process, which is part of a total life change for me.  Without her, I never could have arrived at the point of selling my property and being able to move on to the next stage of my life.  Maggie Finegan is truly fulfilling her calling in life by helping people navigate through one of life's more stressful situations with a perfect combination of intelligence, efficiency and genuine caring.

Phillip Solomonson, Lincoln Square

Maggie provided exceptional service and consultation in selling my property. Her recommendations for preparing my home for showing, her research on the market, her insight into my listing price and her professional approach are invaluable. Forthright and honest, I knew I could count on valuable feedback that made a difference in selling my home quickly. Furthermore, Maggie connected me with professionals that not only assured there were no problems with closing, but provided resources to help me move up to the next level of real estate investing.

Charles Kadlec, Wheaton

Maggie Finegan demonstrated the highest level of professional service in the sale of our six-unit apartment building. She encouraged us to list the property at a higher price tnan we expected, and within days, she brought multiple offers and sold it for 99% of the asking price. Maggie told us about the 1031 Exchange, and IRS allowed program that helped us defer $85,000 in capital gains tax on the sale of our property.

Joy Marks, Edgewater

Maggie brought us a buyer for our condo within a week, and helped us get the new condo we wanted. Her negotiation skills in working with a difficult seller made all the difference in the world.

Stephanie Wilson, Lakeview

We would not have gotten our condo if not for Maggie's negotiating skills. In a competitive market, she worked with us to strengthen our offer, so ours was selected over others that offered a higher price. Maggie is incredibly responsive, and understands how to make both sides happy and comfortable throughout.

P. H., Broker, Rubloff

Working with Maggie on the sale of my listing was one of the most pleasant experiences of my real estate career.